Create multi-language documentation for software products

Creating and maintaining multi-language, international documentation for your software product and application can be tedious. Most of the existing solutions do not provide a simple way to handle internationalization and translations.

When a new product release is created, all documentation must be checked for updates and the relevant pages have to be translated. Doing this manually is very tedious and will lead to outdated manuals and frustrated international customers.

How does it work? provides a simple solution to manage international documentation for software products in multiple localizations and for different product versions.

  1. Setup a knowledge base portal for your product, create content structure and enter the documentation.
  2. Translate the content pages into the requested languages.
  3. Review the knowledge base content for each locale and translation.
  4. If everything is fine and your software release is going live, publish the appropriate release of the product’s software documentation.
  5. Your customers and users from different languages and countries can access the product documentation in their language.

Build for multilingual documentation is build for international, multilingual products from the beginning. It supports localization in different languages, locales and countries. It is based on todays internationalization (i18n) standards and practices. (More)

Build for software applications

The release cycles of software products is getting faster. The product documentation for the users ist often the last part before the release. is build for fast release cycles, feature branches and integration with DevOps principles.

Build for documentators and users

The knowledge base is optimized for both sides:

  • internal – to create and manage the documentation for the product manager and translators
  • external – simple and user-friendly rendering of the created documentation for the available languages for the users in the different countries and languages.

Why choose

We are developing software products for international markets. The customer expect a great end-user documentation and knowledge base portals in their language and localization. Creating and maintaining of user manuals is tedious, since every new product release needs an update of the related software documentation.

With today’s CI/CD practice, the development department creates and publishes lot of new features and bugfixes to production in an even shorter time. With traditional documentation system, wiki software like Atlassian Confluence or knowledge management platforms as Zendesk it is not possible to prepare the documentation during the development phase without bringing the documentation to production.

Merging, branching and diff’ing of programming code is daily business. But this is not possible for software documentation to detect the small changes of different documentation release or new a feature. brings CI/CD development strategies as branch/merging, parallel development, diff’ing between versions and branches, and continues testing to documentation – leading to continuous documentation. provides documentation and knowledge base portal for international and multi-language software products

We are using latest artificial intelligence to improve the translation process, so that translation created by humans and machine-generated can be used when necessary.

Templates and specific tools are provided to streamline the documentation process and provide a better end-user experience. is a next-generation software documentation systems that shortens the release cycles and improves the end-user experience using todays DevOps strategies and AI.

Our target audience are small to medium sized companies creating software products for international customers.

Start now is currently in private testing phase. We would love to get in touch with you.