Free Azure DevOps Release Notes Generator – upload csv file, use pre-configured, customizable template and copy/paste the generated release notes within 60 seconds.

Why a free Azure DevOps Release Notes Generator?

Azure DevOps is one of the leading suites to manage software development and releases. Work Items as features, user stories, bugs, tasks and other elements can be used to organize and plan software releases and updates.

One of the missing features compared to Jira is a small, but quite nasty little things – the possibility to easily generate release notes based on a list of tickets.

Existing solutions

There are some add-ons available on the Visual Studio Market Place as e.g. Generate Release Notes (Crossplatform) by Richard Fennell (Black Marble) – based on node, mostly meant for build pipeline automatization or a sample project from 2019 to generate release notes locally or as a Azure Function app.

Our approach – simple online tool, import tickets and generate release notes from customizable template

But both solutions require additional effort and cannot be used out of the box e.g. by a product or release manager. So a nice tool should not need any manual setup or technical installation.

Based on our experience, it is very helpful to generate some basic release notes out of a list of tickets (e.g. by a saved query or search result).

It would be great to have a basic template that can be customized and adopted to the needs of the product or company.

Free Azure DevOps Release Notes Generator with import, customizable template and copy/paste export
Free Azure DevOps Release Notes Generator with import, customizable template and copy/paste export

Ready to use free Release Notes Generator for Azure DevOps

We have created a very simple tool, where you can copy your list of tickets e.g. also using custom queries and columns.

The used template to render the release notes can be customized. It is using the template engine twig and provides advanced features as conditions, loops and string functions if necessary.

The default version provides section for Work Item Types Features, User Stories and Bugs. You can add play with the template and e.g. also translate it to other languages.

You can find more information at .

Free mark-down templates for typical software end-user documentation can be used and forked on our github repository indocPro/document-types .